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How to book escorts

Whenever you are booking escorts remember these things. Firstly, let us talk about cash. When hiring a high class escort, you need to have her payment prepared. And make is money as escorts do not take credit or checks. Unless otherwise decided by you and the escort, you have to pay in advance. Make sure […]

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Privacy tips when hiring an London escorts elite

When you hire a female elite escort agency London for the very first time, you will find numerous questions the elite courtesans or the elite courtesans agency will ask you. For example, you will be asked to provide your name, your occupation and possibly your home address. Most first timers are always afraid of giving […]

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Top ways in which escorts make a living

There are various ways in which escorts or call girls make a living. An escort can work for a registered escort agency, set herself up in business (typical of high class escorts) and work on the streets. The risk and the pay an escort gets regardless of how they have set up themselves vary mostly […]